15 Villages of Antioquia to visit

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The villages of Antioquia in general are very cute and visit is a very good idea because its almost perfect weather is usually around 24°C and the friendliness of its people at all times makes you feel welcome.

So if you are looking for villages of Antioquia to visit, that are little frequented by tourists and where you can feel the authentic Paisa culture you should visit at least one of these 15 towns near Medellín.

Let’s start:


Entrerríos village of Antioquia near Medellín

Entrerríos, together with the municipalities of San Pedro de los Milagros, Belmira and Santa Rosa de Osos, are part of the Milk Route in the North Antioquia sub-region.

With a small urban area, Entrerríos offers us the adventure in its rural area, the stone, the rock, the dam or the fishing areas are obligatory plans.


Chiva colombiana en Angostura uno de los lindos pueblos de Antioquia

The municipality of Angostura is characterized as a distinctly religious town, which thanks to Blessed Father Marianito has been in the focus of some media.

In Angostura you can visit heritage sites such as the San José Church in Angostura, the Sanctuary and the Padre Marianito Museum. 30 minutes from the town is Cascada de los Dolores and La Culebra, where you can camp, fish, swim and enjoy the flora and fauna of the place.


Támesis Antioquia

Támesis is undoubtedly one of the best villages of Antioquia, where you can go hiking, climbing mountains, paragliding, bird and pictograph sightings.

It has very good hotels, an excellent cafe and it is very close to Jericó and Jardín.

Lodgings in Támesis: Monte Mágico and Hotel Cartama


Caramanta Towns of Antioquia

Caramanta is known as the “Capital of the Ruana” as it is one of the villages of Antioquia where fog landscapes abound. A beautiful place where time seems to have stopped.

The architecture and the colorful balconies of Caramanta reflect the years of Antioquia colonization and among its natural attractions are the El Rilero waterfall and the Arquía river.

Recomendado: Jericó, pueblo de colores.


Carolina del principe Antioquia

Carolina del Príncipe enjoys an average temperature of 19ºC, making it one of the cold-climate villages of Antioquia.

This beautiful town receives the nickname of the Colonial Garden of America, thanks to the beautiful balconies built in the eighteenth century, full of flowers and colors that adorn its main park and most of the buildings of the colony.

Among the places to know are the Hacienda Tenche, the religious museum, the monument to Juan Esteban Aristizabal (Juanes) and the Troneras and Miraflores reservoirs.


Ebéjico Antioquia

One of the most unexplored villages of Antioquia is Ebéjico, a municipality that is mostly mountainous and in which the main activity of its inhabitants is in the production of panela, the cultivation of banana, coffee, cocoa and livestock.

The main charm of Ebéjico are the mountains that on all sides adorn the urban area and serve as natural viewpoints.


Venecia pueblo de Antioquia

In Venecia you will find the beautiful Cerro Tusa, the highest natural pyramid in the world, a sacred mountain where some of the most demanding trekking and mountaineering routes of the villages of Antioquia can be found.

Lodging: Finca en Venecia


La Ceja Antioquia

When talking about the villages of Antioquia I can not fail to mention La Ceja, my little land, a municipality where flowers and bicycles are a regular part of the landscape, has the highest and longest canopy in Colombia, exquisite restaurants, a cozy climate, land Fernando Gaviria cyclist and the most beautiful flowers.

Lodging in La Ceja: Finca la Argelia


Liborina Antioquia

Liborina is a town of churches and squares. It is the land of the Liborino bean, which has given renown to the municipality and that even has, every November, celebrations in its honor.

A village of warm earth embedded between mountains, where you can enjoy the Juan García ravine and short walks through its surroundings full of vegetation.

10/15 NARIÑO

Nariño, Villages of Antioquia

Nariño is a town in Eastern Antioquia hit by violence that offers landscapes of eternal memory and hot springs.

Today it is one of the ideal places for nature lovers, where you can find ecological walks, crystal clear water sources and forests with a great vegetation.

Recommended: Reserva Termal San Vicente


Puerto Garza Antioquia

The municipality of San Carlos is made up of three districts known as the Jordán, Samaná and Puerto Garza.

A municipality with a great wealth of water that has the presence of rivers such as Naré, Guatapé, San Carlos, Calderas and many small streams.

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Villages near to Medellín Antioquia

Although this is one of the most remote villages of Antioquia, many years ago it was a must for travelers who wanted to enter the region from the center of the country or from the Atlantic coast by the Magdalena River.

Puerto Nare, besides limiting with the Magdalena, Cocorná, Nare and Samaná rivers, has streams, waterfalls and lagoons, which make it an ideal destination for flora and fauna lovers.

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San Roque Antioquia

In San Roque you can find many sugar mills and even visit them and learn the process of making the panela, from the sowing of the cane until it is packed for commercialization.

Also thanks to its water rich abundance streams, puddles and spas with natural pools and even very close you can find the Jaguas reservoir.

Recommended: Pijao, hidden treasure of the coffee axis


Belmira Antioquia

Belmira is a town near Medellín that is an hour and a half by road, when you arrive you can visit the Páramo de Belmira and enjoy its beautiful frailejones.

Recommended: Jardín, Antioquia.


Angelópolis Antioquia

Angelópolis is known as the balcony of Southwest Antioquia and that is that the sunsets in this town are always a spectacle and you can see practically all the southern part of the villages of Antioquia.


Santa Fe de Antioquia, Guatapé, Jardín, Jericó, Andes and Cañón del Río Claro

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