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Los Mejores Lugares Turísticos de Antioquia

Antioquia es un hermoso departamento colombiano que se ubica en la zona de los Andes colombianos a tres horas en autobús desde la capital de Chocó. Es un lugar lleno de historia y grandes ambientes como la Piedra del Peñol, que ofrece una aventura en la montaña.


A weekend in Antioquia – The four most beautiful villages to explore

Want to escape Medellin for a weekend without having to pay expensive fight tickets? Stay in Antioquia! We know that your adventurous spirit will take you beyond Medellín at some point (if it’s not already done). However, there usually is a problem when it comes to picking a destination. Indeed, most of us are very […]


15 Villages of Antioquia to visit

AUTHOR: Travelgrafía The villages of Antioquia in general are very cute and visit is a very good idea because its almost perfect weather is usually around 24°C and the friendliness of its people at all times makes you feel welcome.


Paisa vocabulary you need to know to speak in Medellin

How do they speak in Medellin? You probably traveled to Medellín thinking that it would be easy to survive with the Spanish you already know. But what you were not expecting is that some of the words used here mean something completely from what you have learned.