Paisa vocabulary you need to know to speak in Medellin

How do they speak in Medellin?

You probably traveled to Medellín thinking that it would be easy to survive with the Spanish you already know. But what you were not expecting is that some of the words used here mean something completely from what you have learned. paisa dictionary to help you understand some of the words and expressions used in this culture.


It means to be comfortable and happy in a situation or place. So a really typical example would be when you get in into a taxi and start talking with the driver and he asks: “¿Está amañado en Medellín?


A fact, object or situation outstanding or pleasant. For example, when you are invited to your first paisa party and you go by yourself without your friends and the host is glad you are there: “¡Qué bacano que viniste!”


You can refer like this to a person who is outstanding, practical, brave or also someone who is very upset, angry. For instance, you are going to see the Silleteros parade on la Feria de las Flores and you hear a paisa proudly saying: “¡Estos silleteros sí son muy berracos!”  or it can on the other hand be used when someone is mad at you “Mi hermana está berraca porque no la llamé”



Something funny, that makes you laugh. Example, you go to a cinema and watch a movie that is not from Adam Sandler: “Tan charra esa película”


Defines something nice, beautiful, special. It can be people, objects or actions. Example: When your group of friends discovers that you are not boring or embittered: “¡Qué chévere salir con vos!”


Its real meaning makes an allusion to the vagina but it is usually used to refer to something extremely good. For example, as Juanes said: ¡Medellín es una chimba!


Used to refer to a party. For example, during a typical Friday after class, so when the weekend finally starts, there will always be someone asking:  “¿Dónde es la farra esta noche?”



Being the name of a disease it is used to classify something as bad, unpleasant, it can be used as an insult. For example, you are trying to be funny but the comedy is not your thing: “¡Qué gonorrea de chiste!”


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Originally posted on 30 octubre, 2020 @ 9:17 pm

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